Hamzah Science Academy Benefit Dinner

Please join us with Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Edward Mitchell at Al-Noor Banquet Hall.


Our Child Care Center offers infants and toddlers up to the age of three a safe and exciting place to learn and explore. We offer early education which includes beginner's Arabic and Islamic education mixed with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) curriculum. We also offer affordable prices and flexible timings. Call us today for more information!


Latest news

New Principal, Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal has joined HSA.

Jun 5, 2017, School Board

Dr. Pervaiz Iqbal, previously, a STEM Coordinator and Dept. Chair, has joined Hamzah Science Academy as the new Principal.

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Enrollments are open

MAY 20, 2017, School Board

Enrollments for new school year are open now. Please see the school administration for further details.

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New 5th grade opened

MAY 20, 2017, School Board

We are excited to announce that we are extending our acedemy family. Academy will be starting the 5th grade for the coming school year. Please contact school administration for further information.

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Starting Bus Service

MAY 20, 2017

Bus Service for new school year. Please see the school administration for further details.

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Academics - Islam - Excellence

Hamzah Science Academy is metro Atlanta and Atlanta suburb's private, parent run, non-profit, Islamic Elementary School. With the blessings of Allah, the tremendous growth in the North Atlanta Muslim Community in the last few years has led to a realization among many parents for the dire need of a quaity Islamic institution serving the Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek and Roswell area. The Hamzah Science Academy, a Georgia State Commission accredited, parent governed, independently run and professionally managed Pre to K-5 Islamic School.

Hamzah Science Academy - Principles Of Learning

Collaboration: Learning at Hamzah Science Academy is often a community enterprise. Learning the give and take that leads to success, breaking through frustration, sometimes failing before accomplishing a goal together – collaboration is the way of the world, and it’s often the way this community works best.

Innovation: Good teachers recognize that effective teaching evolves as better approaches are developed. Hamzah Science Academy is committed to adopting and enhancing the most effective ways of helping young people learn – and enjoy their learning. Mission: No matter the breadth of our offerings, the excellence of our faculty, or the abilities of our students, the School cannot fulfill its mission without the commitment to our core values of social responsibility and Islamic tarbiyah.

Scholarship: Openness to the ideas of other times and our own – in other words, a love of learning – is essential for success at Hamzah Science Academy. The faculty challenges students to develop their own understanding of the material – not just memorize knowledge to repeat on a test.

We firmly believe in raising the bar higher for our children's education. We also understand that an integrated approach to teaching is essential in producing the next generation of confident and well groomed Muslims.

Our concentration, with the grace of Allah, is that our children will be the Leaders of tomorrow if we can provide them with a safe, encouraging, nurturing and mind-challenging environment today.

Hamzah Science Academy, Inc. has been granted 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as a public charity. Our Tax ID (EIN) is 42-1675326.

MISSION: To nurture young minds utilizing state-of-the-arts educational tools and methodology, To mold the character of the student according to the highest Islamic moral standards and To motivate the next generation of Muslims to be leaders and affluent members of society.

VISION: To produce "An Islamic Environment for Learning" where our kids of today will be a Leader and Imam of tomorrow.

The School is committed to producing an Islamic atmosphere in which learning takes place and it is expected that the management, teachers, and service givers in the School will exhibit visible Muslim characteristics and incorporate them into the curriculum in a holistic manner to enable the children to learn about Islamic values.


What we offer

PRE-K 1 & 2

for ages 3 & 4


We offer excellence for ages 5 and up


for age 0 - 2


Home work assistance, STEM Coaching, Arabic Language...


Routes will be decided based on number of students



We provide an Islamic environment to our kids where they learn and grow. We have a zero tolerance bullying policy.



Upcoming events



Hamzah Science Academy Benefit Dinner.



Hamzah Science Academy graduation day.



End of the school year.



First day of school.

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Choose a payment plan that works for you. Don't forget to take advantage of extra fee discount on One Time Payment and Next Sibling.
Please use either "Hamzah Academy Donations" or "Hamzah Academy Fees" under donation cause or category.


KG - 5th grade

$4,950 - Full Year Payment Plan

$4,455*/$2,565* - ONE Payment Plan

$2,475 - TWO Payment Plan

$495* - TEN Payment Plan


$4,950 - Full Year Payment Plan

$4,455 - ONE Payment Plan

$2,475 - TWO Payment Plan

$495* - TEN Payment Plan


$2,500* - Full Year Payment Plan

$2,450* - ONE Payment Plan

$1,250* - TWO Payment Plan

$250* - TEN Payment Plan

* Discounted fee is valid until August 2nd week on one payment Plan.

* Per month for each student, after a $900 Hamzah Science Academy discount voucher has been applied to the $1,395 monthly tuition.

** Discount will be applied on the lowest fee. Eg: If first child, A, is in Pre-K and second child, B, in 1st grade then discount will calculated based off child B fees, as it is lowest the two and given to child A.